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Portuguese startup develops AI glove that detects breast cancer

Portuguese startup develops AI glove that detects breast cancer - portugal news
Portuguese startup develops AI glove that detects breast cancer - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - Portuguese startup Glooma developed an AI glove that detects breast cancer.


Portuguese AI medtech startup Glooma developed SenseGlove, a portable, home-based medical device that works as a complement to breast self-examination and is connected to a mobile application. The revolutionary technology focuses on the early detection of breast cancer through a device that detects and monitors changes in breast tissue.


While thousands of women lack confidence when performing breast self-examination, 35% of breast cancers are detected late. This is why Portuguese medtech startup Glooma developed a glove with sensors that incorporates AI algorithms and works as an alternative to breast self-examination. Through an application, the technology reminds users, via email or mobile phone notifications, to perform the home examination and provides all the information regarding the self-examinations performed, comparing the results and evaluating changes over time. While the glove serves as a medical complement, it does not replace diagnostic exams.


SenseGlove is still in the development and certification process phase as the medical device must be certified by entities such as Infarmed to be marketed in Portugal. If everything goes well, the AI glove will be approved in Europe in 2026 and in the US by the end of 2024 since the process to register the product with the FDA is faster.


AI medtech startup Glooma has already raised 120,000 euros and has completed an investment round of 483,000 euros with Banco Português de Fomento, Portugal Ventures, Clube Business Angels Lisboa and other business angels.




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