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Portuguese textile company wins Swiss award

Portuguese textile company wins Swiss award - portugal news
Portuguese textile company wins Swiss award - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - Portuguese textile company Riopele just won the prestigious Swiss award by the Kaizen Institute.


Portuguese textile company Riopele, that is the privileged partner of leading brands in the fashion and clothing industry, just won the 1st Prize in the Sustainability category at the prestigious Kaizen Awards. Kaizen Institute is a global organization that provides consulting and training services and the award recognizes innovation and excellence in Kaizen principles and methodology in the field of sustainability.


Riopele has also just obtained the SURE certification that guarantees the responsible use of solid biomass in the energy sector, thus contributing in a tangible way to the reduction of greenhouse gases.


The Portuguese textile company intends to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations by reducing the carbon footprint of its value chain by 20%, while 60% of the water used in its production processes will be recovered and reused.



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