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Portuguese textile company IMPETUS wins the CTF Awards 2024

Portuguese textile company IMPETUS wins the CTF Awards 2024 - portugal news
Portuguese textile company IMPETUS wins the CTF Awards 2024 - Portugal Business News

Portuguese textile company, IMPETUS Group, has won the Challenge the Fabric (CTF) Awards 2024 as the Innovation Partner of fashion designer YAKU.


The winning design by YAKU was produced using CIRCULOSE material with Portuguese textile company IMPETUS. CIRCULOSE by Renewcell is a new material made by recycling cotton from worn-out clothes and production waste that makes fashion circular.


Portuguese textile company IMPETUS Group, that started its activities in 1973, employs 860 people and has an annual production of 4,650,000 articles. The textile company has a completely vertical structure and specializes in the production of Cut & Sew and seamless underwear.


The CTF 2024 Award introduces a significant evolution in a talent competition that challenges designers to create looks made from man-made cellulosic fibres (MMCF). The competition is designed as a way to promote and encourage a switch to biobased and recycled materials.


The iconic piece produced by British fashion designer YAKU shapes a grounded alternative to reality with its avant-garde ready-to-wear. YAKU finds inspiration in the Afrofuturism movement combined with character design, fantasy, and themes of online role-playing games like RuneScape.


The Challenge the Fabric (CTF) initiative was created by Ekman Group and is organized with the Swedish Fashion Council so that the different stakeholders of the man-made cellulosic fibres (MMCFs) supply chain can meet, connect, and discuss topics and issues that are important for the continuous development and growth of the textile industry.




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