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Portuguese company launches pineapple yarn in Paris

Portuguese company launches pineapple yarn in Paris - portugal news
Portuguese company launches pineapple yarn in Paris - Portugal Business News

Made in Portugal news - Portuguese company Tearfil is showcasing yarn made from pineapple at the global fashion event Première Vision in Paris.


Portuguese textile company Tearfil, that is located in the district of Braga in northern Portugal, produces innovative yarn made from pineapple in collaboration with Ananas Anam that is based in London. The organic yarn is currently being showcased at the global event for the fashion industry Première Vision that is held in Paris.


Sustainable yarns produced exclusively from pineapple leaf fiber are currently made in Portugal through a partnership with Ananas Anam. The innovative yarn is produced using the dry spinning technology developed by Anam Palf, that guarantees zero waste and that does not use harmful chemicals.


British company Ananas Anam is a Certified B Corporation that develops innovative textile solutions made from waste pineapple leaf fiber to help brands achieve their sustainability targets. The textile-grade pineapple leaf fiber is made from the waste of the pineapple harvest using their own patented process. The low-impact and ethically produced products are exported to international markets for a number of sectors including accessories, apparel, automotive, footwear and interiors.


The production of sustainable yarn has led to the creation of a vibrant new industry for pineapple farming communities, while providing low-impact materials for industrial applications.


The innovative pineapple yarn that is made in Portugal is currently showcased at the global fashion event Première Vision, where the spring-summer 2025 season includes astonishing innovations for a greener future.



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