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Portuguese company launches its new biotech innovation

Portuguese company launches new bio tech innovation - portugal news
Portuguese company launches its new biotech innovation - Portugal Business News

Portugal biotech news - Portuguese company Skizo is launching its new biotech innovation that makes it possible to produce leather from coffee grounds.

The innovative Portuguese startup Skizo has just launched its new bio tech invention that merges coffee grounds and disruptive technology to produce a new type of leather or bio skin. The new leather can be used in different industry sectors such as textiles, footwear, fashion, and interior design such as café awnings.

Traditional coffee company Delta has transformed its business model into a tech startup that allows their waste to be transformed into a new resource.

The new Portuguese invention is environmentally friendly and is paving the way for a new circular bioeconomy where tech innovations turn renewable waste products into new materials to power the green economy of the future. The tech innovation is not only a solution to the waste produced by processing coffee grounds, but also to prevent the consequences of the waste product going through decomposition that produces high levels of methane when left in the open air.

The joint venture between Portuguese companies Grupo Nabeiro and Delta Ventures made it possible to have access to the raw material, that are the lees of coffee, as well as investment for creating the innovative prototype.

The new type of leather created from coffee waste materials is not Skizo’s first biotech invention, since its first product, that was created in 2018, led to producing a new type of sneakers that was sold worldwide. Skizo already has a catalogue of innovative bio products such as footwear, clothing and accessories that are produced by recycling around 16 tons of plastic that was removed from the bottom of the sea, thus cleaning up wide areas of the Atlantic Ocean and leading to a new environmentally friendly ocean economy. Their innovative products also include tote bags produced from fish nets found at the bottom of the ocean.

Skizo already has a turnover of around EUR 300,000 since the company started selling its bio tech products online, while exporting around 60% of its production to Europe, Brazil and the US.


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