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Regus brand invests in Portugal

Regus brand invests in Portugal - portugal news
Regus brand invests in Portugal - Portugal Business News

Portugal real estate investment news – The Regus brand, that provides premium workspaces worldwide, is strengthening its presence in Portugal. As important business hubs, Lisbon and Porto will soon have a wider range of sophisticated workspaces and meeting rooms, that represent a major factor for attracting multinationals and digital nomads.


IWG (International Workspace Group), that is headquartered in Switzerland and is traded on the London Stock Exchange, is investing heavily in prime office space for remote workers and digital nomads in Lisbon. IWG is the world’s number one workspace provider globally and owns international brand-names Regus and Spaces. The IWG group has 4,000 workspaces globally and is present in over 120 countries, serving around 8 million clients to work flexibly.


In Portugal, IWG will open three new workspaces in early 2024, namely Regus Porto Bom Sucesso, Regus Lisboa D. João V and Spaces Oriente. The opening of these new locations comes shortly after IWG recorded the highest quarterly revenue ever, and the accelerated growth of its network with around 900 new locations globally in 2023.


The Regus premium brand will soon have new additions in Portugal, namely the Regus Dom João V in Lisbon and the Regus Porto Bom Sucesso in Porto, that will provide cutting-edge amenities for companies of all sizes.


Moreover, the Spaces brand will soon provide 3,000m² of flexible workspace in Lisbon under the name Spaces Oriente.


According to Portugal’s National Statistics Institute (INE), the hybrid work model is already the preferred one among Portuguese workers, with 40% of employees choosing to alternate between an office and home.


The market for hybrid workspaces is expected to grow rapidly since 30% of all commercial properties are expected to be flexible workspaces by 2030. Companies of all sizes are expected to adopt hybrid work models in the long term, since this allows them to significantly reduce fixed costs and to generate average savings of around 10,000 euros per employee, according to IWG.


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