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Ronaldo’s hair clinic develops revolutionary technology

Ronaldo’s hair clinic develops revolutionary technology - portugal news
Ronaldo’s hair clinic develops revolutionary technology - Portugal Business News

Portugal news – Cristiano Ronaldo’s hair clinic, Insparya, has developed revolutionary technology through its biomedical research facilities.


Cristiano’s Ronaldo is the co-founder of Insparya Group, a hair clinic that is based in Portugal, with clinics in Spain and Italy, that developed disruptive technological solutions. The Portuguese innovations were developed at the i3S institute of research and innovation in health at the University of Porto with a research budget of 3 million euros annually.   


The cutting-edge technology developed in Portugal by Insparya includes a robotic arm that will revolutionize hair transplantation, the automated anesthesia administration system called the BotHair® Ultra Plus device that extracts the hair follicles with even greater precision, as well as a biomedical-quality 3D printer. The tech innovations were developed by a team of researchers with training in electronics, IT, industrial automation, biomechanics, and product design. This led to the development of innovative medical devices and solutions for the treatment of androgenic alopecia.


The Insparya Group, that registered a turnover of 40 million euros in 2023, has also developed a new pioneer drug for the prevention and treatment of baldness to be launched by 2027, for which they hold an international patent.


The disruptive and cutting-edge technological solutions developed by Cristiano Ronaldo’s hair clinic in Portugal will be used for hair transplants worldwide, including clinics in Oman and in Saudi Arabia.


The hair transplant market represents a turnover of 12 billion euros worldwide in 2023 and is estimated to reach around 32 billion euros by 2032, mainly in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


With the new disruptive technological solutions developed in Portugal by the Insparya Group, the country is at the technological forefront of hair transplantation.



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