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Visa partners with fintech startups in Portugal

Visa partners with fintech companies in Portugal - portugal news
Visa partners with fintech startups in Portugal - Portugal Business News

Portugal tech news - Visa partners with fintech startups in Portugal for the 2023 edition of the Visa Innovation Program. Visa partners with companies having the highest potential and these include four fintech startups that are part of the program in Portugal.


The Portugal edition of the Visa Innovation Program Europe Summit, which took place in Lisbon, presented the most promising startups and scaleups in Portugal’s fintech ecosystem to clients and partners.


The Visa Innovation Program involves around 100 fintech companies and a diverse network of more than 100 commercial partners, including retailers, neo banks, Banking as a Service (BaaS) providers, e-commerce giants and logistics companies. The fintech companies that are part of the Visa Innovation Program provide solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing the financial sector, such as fraud detection, inclusive access to financing, digital wallets, new benefit models for employees, AI applied to data, the management of online purchase returns or embedded Finance for the integration of financial services in non-banking contexts.


“We want to continue contributing to the development of future payments and to the dynamism of the Portuguese market”, stated Gonçalo Santos, Country Manager at Visa Portugal.



Here are the fintech startups in Portugal that are part of the Visa Innovation Program 2023:

1 – coverflex

The coverflex brand, by Portuguese company Universal Cover SA, allows companies to reduce their costs while offering their employees meal cards, benefits, and insurance coverage.



2 – Fraudio

Fraudio is an Amsterdam-based scale-up that helps companies in the payments industry combat payment fraud and financial crime through its ability to create high-performance AI and ML models without costly customization. The Lisbon office is part of the Visa Innovation Program for Portugal.



3 – goscore

Goscore is a Norwegian fintech that started operations in Portugal under the Visa Innovation Program. Goscore provides technological solutions that help obtain more accessible loans.



4 – HollyWally

HollyWally is a fintech with headquarters in Singapore and its only office in Europe is located in Lisbon. HollyWally is the first digital wallet as a service aimed at B2B2C in the world and the company provides a platform for businesses of all sizes to create a private label digital payments/wallet solution within just a few weeks.


The innovative fintech company, that is based at the Lisbon Unicorn Factory, chose Portugal as its EU headquarters due to the vibrant startup ecosystem, to the fact that the government is very supportive of international startups and to the incredible local and foreign talent that can be found in such a beautiful and welcoming country.







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