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What are the Top 5 Ecotourism destinations in Europe in 2023?

What are the Top 5 Ecotourism destinations in Europe in 2023? portugalnews
What are the Top 5 Ecotourism destinations in Europe in 2023? - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - What are the Top 5 Ecotourism destinations in Europe in 2023? According to the EU REGIOSTARS Awards 2023, these are the Top 5 European ecotourism destinations that enhance a Europe that is closer to its citizens:

No 1 – Portugal’s Aldeias do Xisto

Portugal Schist Villages - portugal news
Portugal's Schist Villages - Portugal Business News

Portugal’s region of Schist Villages comprises 27 villages that have been restored as part of an integrated regional development strategy. 500 properties have been newly restored, while tourism infrastructure and 2000 kms of road have been built. The medieval villages, that are located not far from Coimbra in Central Portugal, that was the country’s former capital, are built from the region’s metamorphic rocks.

No 2 – 8 countries of the interregional Danube region

interregional Danube region - portugal news
Interregional Danube region - Portugal Business News

The CINEMA project has developed the creative industries for new urban economies in the Danube region project in order to foster urban regeneration by collaborating with creative industries. The project covers 8 countries, namely Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Moldova, that represent the diversity of the Danube Region.

No 3 – Bulgaria’s city of Burgas

No 3 – Bulgaria’s city of Burgas - portugal news
Burgas, Bulgaria - Portugal Business News

Burgas, a city on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, has modernized its cultural infrastructure with a focus on its Cultural Art Centre and its museum and library.

No 4 – Italy & Austria interregional area

Euregio Family Pass - portugal news
Italy and Austria Euregio Family Pass - Portugal Business News

The Italy and Austria interregional area may now be discovered with the Euregio Family Pass, that is a card for families to travel in the Euregio Tyrol, South Tyrol and Trentino region.

No 5 – Belgium’s Wintercircus

Wintercircus - portugal news
Wintercircus, Belgium - Portugal Business News

Wintercircus is a destination where history meets innovation in the heart of Ghent, a port city in northwest Belgium. The building comprises workspaces, a concert hall, a conference room, a restaurant, a roof garden, and a 1,200 sqm covered square for public events.


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