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What is Portugal’s most promising startup?

What is Portugal’s most promising startup? - portugal news
What is Portugal’s most promising startup? - Portugal Business News

Portugal startup news - What is Portugal’s most promising startup?

Portuguese ethical hackers Ethiack won the award of Portugal’s most promising startup at the Web Summit 2023 event.

Tech startup Ethiack bridges the gap between new technologies and security with the creation of a new platform to reduce discrepancies. The tech innovation has made it possible for the company to be awarded the title of most promising startup and a prize of EUR 15,000 under the Road 2 Web Summit program that is promoted by Startup Portugal, in collaboration with Galp and Web Summit.

Portuguese autonomous ethical hacking company Ethiack identifies vulnerabilities before they get exploited, thus keeping their clients safe by combining AI and human hackers that provide both in-depth and in-breadth security testing.

Tech startups are fundamental drivers of the Portuguese economy since they not only have a high growth potential, but they also pay their employees an average of EUR 1,700 per month, that is much higher than the national average wages.

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