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What is the new aircraft in the Portuguese Air Force?

What is the new aircraft in the Portuguese Air Force? - portugal news
What is the new aircraft in the Portuguese Air Force? - Portugal Business News

Portugal Defence news – The Portuguese Air Force has just launched its new Embraer KC-390 aircraft under the command of Squadron 506 – Rhinos, to be operated from Air Base No. 11 in Beja, that is located in the Alentejo region in southern Portugal.

Portugal’s new NATO standard aircraft that integrates the Air Force weapons system is comprised of a fleet of five KC-390 that was supplied by Embraer, together with a flight simulator and a 12-year maintenance contract. Portugal invested EUR 827 million for this new aircraft fleet that can carry out intercontinental operations for a variety of missions such as dropping paratroopers and cargo, for search and rescue missions, for aerial refueling or for fighting forest fires.

Portugal is now producing NATO-standard aircraft for Brazilian company Embraer and for Portuguese company OGMA. The military aircraft include the KC-390 as well as the A-29N Super Tucano that need to be built in Europe in order to meet NATO’s requirements for selling them to European countries. Portugal’s Centre of Engineering and Product Development (CEiiA) is involved in designing, developing and operating military aircraft components.

Portugal is consolidating its aeronautical cluster for training its Armed Forces including its Air Force. Portugal’s Air Force squadron Esquadra 506 – “Rinocerontes”, was created on May 20th, 2023, especially for operating the newly developed aircraft with the motto: "Only what seemed impossible can be done."


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