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Amgen buys Horizon Therapeutics for € 26.3 billion

Amgen buys Horizon Therapeutics for € 26.3 billion -
Amgen buys Horizon Therapeutics for € 26.3 billion - Portugal Business News

Amgen pharmaceuticals, that invested €100 million in Portugal in October, just announced that it is buying Horizon Therapeutics for € 26.3 billion.

Amgen intends to increase its portfolio of therapies applied to rare diseases, a field in which Horizon Therapeutics specializes. According to Tim Walbert, CEO of Horizon Therapeutics, the biotech company is deeply committed to treating patients suffering from rare inflammatory diseases as well as from serious autoimmune conditions. With this new acquisition, Amgen will support long-term growth by developing innovative medicines.

This new development follows Amgen’s recent investment in Portugal where the biopharmaceutical company created the Amgen Capability Center Portugal (ACCP) that is to employ 300 people within 3 years. The Amgen investment is labeled a Project of Strategic Interest for the Portuguese economy. Amgen’s Centre of Excellence in Portugal is the second one world-wide following the first one launched in the USA in 2017 and the acquisition of Irish biotech company Horizon Therapeutics is expected to boost Amgen’s annual results in 2024.


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