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Have a Merry Beer Christmas

Have a Beer Christmas - portugal news
Have a Beer Christmas - Portugal Business News

Portugal brands news – Portuguese beer brand projects a giant Beer Christmas tree on Portugal’s major landmarks.


Portugal’s No. 1 beer brand, Super Bock, is creating a sensational marketing campaign using Computer Generated Imagery to project a giant Beer Christmas tree on Portugal’s most famous landmarks in Lisbon, Porto and Braga.


The festive campaign is a major success reaching 10 million views within 96 hours on the brand’s social networks according to the Super Bock marketing manager Bruno Albuquerque. Super Bock’s Peace Edition Christmas Tree, that encourages everyone to make peace this Christmas season, strengthens the Portuguese beer brand’s perception of friendship and friends.


Super Bock’s branding campaign this Christmas, that evokes Christmas cheer and peace in the world, is already said to be the best in memory while fans identify and interact with the brand’s values. Have a Merry Beer Christmas!


Here is the Super Bock Beer Christmas tree video:        


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