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How to get a visa to live in Portugal? What is Portugal's D7 visa?

How to get a visa to live in Portugal? What is Portugal's D7 visa?
How to get a visa to live in Portugal? What is Portugal's D7 visa?

Portugal news - How to get a visa to live in Portugal through Portugal’s D7 Visa in 2023?

How to apply for Portugal’s D7 Visa and how to get a residence permit to live and work through Portugal’s D7 Visa?

Portugal’s D7 Visa is one of the main ways to obtain residency if you are a non-EU citizen, so what is this popular route to live and work in Portugal? The D7 Visa can be obtained by people with a stable passive income.

What documents are needed to apply for Portugal’s D7 Visa?

The main visa requirements are proof that you have a recurring income from a passive source, such as a pension, rent, or dividends.

What are the requirements for Portugal’s D7 Visa?

You need to be above 18, have an EU health insurance, a clear criminal record certificate, have a 12-month lease agreement in Portugal.

Pro Tip D7 Visa:

You will have to prove that you have a passive income of at least the minimum wage in Portugal, that is EUR 760 for a single person, with an additional 50% for a spouse and an additional 30% for a dependent. You will need to rent a place for the requisite 12 months and to open a bank account to deposit the minimum yearly amount before doing the visa application. For this, you will need a taxpayer number, that is a Portuguese NIF, that you can obtain by finding a fiscal representative online.

For how long is Portugal’s D7 Visa?

The visa is issued for 2 years and is renewable for 3 years if you spend at least 6 consecutive months per year in Portugal.

What is the total cost for Portugal’s D7 Visa?

The cost for issuing a D7 Visa is about € 100 and the cost for issuing a residence permit is around € 85.

Does Portugal’s D7 Visa allow you to work and does it give you access to free healthcare?

The D7 Visa allows you to work and also gives you access to free healthcare, so you will be able to obtain a user number.

Is Portugal’s D7 Visa easy to obtain?

The visa is easy and quick to obtain if you have proof of passive income and it will take at the most 60 days!

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