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The Digital Nomads of Ponta do Sol in Portugal

The Digital Nomads of Ponta do Sol in Portugal -
The Digital Nomads of Ponta do Sol in Portugal - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - The digital nomads of Ponta do Sol in Portugal are changing the social fabric of a typical Portuguese village that has become home for a new breed of global citizens.

The Digital Nomad Village of Ponta do Sol in the beautiful Portuguese island of Madeira opened-up to global citizens in February 2021 in the wake of the pandemic’s life-changing experience, where millennials suddenly decided to be free from geographic bonds and work remotely.

Portugal seized the opportunity to create the Digital Nomads Madeira Island concept through Startup Madeira, a project that envisions remote working in the Future of Work Portugal concept. The global village has positioned the Portuguese island on the digital nomads’ map with the exponential rise of remote workers. Startup Madeira has over 4,000 members from about 90 countries who have chosen Madeira as their dream place to live and work.

Remote working in Ponta do Sol combines tourism and work, global citizens and locals, while Portugal is vying for the digital nomads’ market. While Portugal’s ageing population is a concern, the Future of Work concept is attracting young global entrepreneurs with a relatively high purchasing power.

Picturesque villages that would be dying now see new life with young digital nomads flocking to Ponta do Sol in Madeira or to the Algarve on mainland Portugal, dreaming of working with their feet in the hot sand and of socializing in co-working spaces.


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