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Portugal’s New Digital Nomads

Portugal’s New Digital Nomads -
Portugal’s New Digital Nomads - Portugal Business News

Portugal’s new digital nomads are settling in Lagos in sunny Algarve.

Most of Portugal’s new digital nomads are between 30 and 40 years old according to LUSA. They have chosen to move to the Algarve during the low season when accommodation is cheapest. These new digital nomads are not only from other European countries, but also from other regions in Portugal.

Lagos in the Algarve is attracting a large number of digital nomads since there is already a large community settled there. Many come for the winter season, then move on until they come back the following winter.

The owner of Lagos Digital Nomads, Joana Glória, stated that her group now has 6,500 members that are active between mid-September and mid-May, with many of them coming from Germany and the Netherlands. The WOT Lagos Montemar Hotel is one of the main places where digital nomads may pay a fee to participate in co-working sessions.


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