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Nissan Portugal – What are the changes in 2023 and when will the new EVs be launched?

Nissan Portugal – What are the changes in 2023 and when are the new EVs being launched? - portugal news - news portugal
Nissan Portugal – What are the changes in 2023 and when will the new EVs be launched? - Portugal Business News

Portugal news Nissan Portugal – What are the changes in 2023 and when will the new EVs be launched in Europe? Major changes are on the horizon for Nissan in Portugal in 2023, with Portuguese group Grupo Salvador Caetano consolidating its position as sole distributor by buying the Portugal branch of Nissan Iberia. Nissan also just announced that, since global sales of its electric cars exceeded 1 million units, with almost a third being for European customers, they are planning to launch two future 100% electric cars on the European market.

Grupo Salvador Caetano has just notified the Competition Authority of its intention to buy the Nissan Iberia – Portugal branch through its subsidiary Caetano 3. With this new acquisition, the Portuguese group will have the exclusivity of the Nissan brand in Portugal.

With the sales of Nissan electric vehicles registering 320,000 units in Europe, 2 future 100% electric cars have already been announced for the European market. The 2 new Nissan EVs that will be launched in Europe include a new generation electric crossover designed from the CHILL-OUT prototype and a new compact electric car.

Altogether, Nissan plans to launch 19 all-electric models globally by 2030 as part of its long-term vision Nissan Ambition 2030. The Nissan brand will launch electric cars powered by internally developed solid batteries by 2028. It is to be noted that Nissan launched the Ariya all-electric crossover in 2022 and ranked 3rd on the podium in the 2023 European Car of the Year election.

Grupo Salvador Caetano is an international Group with more than 75 years dedicated to the automotive industry and a presence on three continents. The group is the largest automotive retail operator in Portugal and distributes a number of brands including Audi, BMW, BYD, Chevrolet, Dacia, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, Mercedes, Mini, Smart, Toyota and Volkswagen.

The Salvador Caetano group also has production units that include the Toyota Caetano Portugal factory that produces the Toyota Land Cruiser, as well as the CaetanoBus factory that builds efficient buses with zero emissions. The e.City Gold bus, that is co-branded by CaetanoBus and Toyota, is a 100% electric low-floor, modular bus. Recently, CaetanoBus became Spain's market leader in hydrogen-powered buses when the company was awarded the supply of EMT Madrid's first 10 hydrogen buses. CaetanoBus was also recently awarded the largest agreements in France as well as in Germany through Deutsche Bahn for electric hydrogen-powered buses.

While Nissan will no longer be selling directly on the Portuguese market, the Group Salvador Caetano will become the sole importer and distributor of the brand.


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