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Portugal invests EUR 5.7 M in a Blue Hub

Portugal invests EUR 5.7 M in a Blue Hub - portugal news
Portugal invests EUR 5.7 M in a Blue Hub - Portugal Business News

Portugal investment news - Portugal invests 5.7 million euros in a Blue Hub for companies operating in the ocean economy sector, including aquaculture, biotechnology and food innovation. The hub will be located in Peniche, that is a seaside municipality in the district of Leiria in Central Portugal.


The Portuguese Government will build a Smart Ocean Building with Open Labs in the fishing port to welcome companies and startups with projects in the fields of aquaculture, biotechnology, and food innovation. Portugal’s new Blue Hub will attract foreign companies and will provide cooperation in the fields of innovation and scientific knowledge.


Portugal’s new incentives to promote the ocean economy will be based on the sustainable development of marine resources, according to Portugal’s Ministry of Economy and of the Sea. This includes the modernization of fishing, processing, and aquaculture processes to ensure sustainability while promoting tech startups.


Portugal’s Blue Hub will include a building that will provide a space of 1,230 square meters to accommodate companies and startups and will foster the emergence of an ocean economy based on innovation and technology.



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