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Portugal named Web3 Capital of Europe

Portugal named the Web3 Capital of Europe - portugal news
Portugal named the Web3 Capital of Europe - Portugal Business News

Portugal tech news - Portugal is named the Web3 Capital of Europe in 2024 by LayerX and Masterblox. The Portuguese Web3 ecosystem in 2024 is characterized by diversity and dynamism, with companies leveraging the potential of web3 technologies in a range of sectors, from NFTs, Gaming, Accelerators and VCs, to Investment and Wallets, as well as Infrastructure.



What are the best Web3 companies in Portugal in 2024?

These are the best Web3 projects by sector in Portugal in 2024 according to the new list published by LayerX and Masterblox.


1 – These are the best Web3 Portuguese companies in the field of NFTs, Gaming and the Metaverse:

1 – Exclusible – Exclusible pushes the boundaries of gaming and virtual experiences 

2 – DotMoovs – DotMoovs allows users to play sports like never before with state-of-the-art digital equipment

3 – Exceedme – Exceedme is a Gaming company



2 - These are the best Web3 Portuguese companies in the field of Accelerators & VCs:

1 – Masterblox Masterblox is the Bespoke Framework for Blockchain Projects, specializing in Strategic Partnerships, Fundraising and Pioneers of the Signature Growth Hacking Technique since 2021.

2 – SumCapSumCap offers risk-adjusted investment strategies leveraging proprietary algorithms and identifying unique DeFi opportunities.  

3 – StartupLisboa - Startup Lisboa supports the creation of companies and their first years of activity. Founded in 2012, it is a private non-profit association that provides entrepreneurs with office space as well as support structure - mentoring, strategic partnerships and perks, access to investment, networking activities and a community based on knowledge and sharing.



3 - These are the best Web3 Portuguese companies in the field of Investment, Wallets & Payments:

1 – xMoney xMoney is the gateway to the future of payments, crypto-enabled and Fiat-ready.

2 – Lympid Lympid is a European based company fully complying with financial and crypto regulations.  

3 – Revault Revault is a complete custody solution using Bitcoin smart contracts.



4 - These are the best Web3 Portuguese companies in the field of Infrastructure:

1 – Bepro NetworkBepro is a task-based marketplace created to help organizations and builders thrive.

2 – Forest Staking - Forest Staking aims to set benchmarks in the blockchain sphere through eco-friendly innovation, reliability, and excellence.

3 – ArcArc simplifies the transition into blockchain ecosystems, enabling you to revolutionize your industry without the need for a complete overhaul of your existing stack or hiring new engineers.









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