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Portugal launches a Golden Visa for social investment

Portugal launches a Golden Visa for social investment - portugal news
Portugal launches a Golden Visa for social investment - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - Portugal will launch a new Residence permit for social investment in immigrant integration projects.


Portugal’s Government just announced the creation of a new Golden Visa for investment projects that support vulnerable immigrants within the scope of the existing Residence Permits for Investment (ARI). The new social investment Residence permit includes investments made in reception equipment and infrastructure, within the scope of integration projects that provide support for immigrants in vulnerable situations.


This new path to residency through investment makes it possible to include the use of the Social Impact Bonds model to the area of ​​migration. This will increase opportunities for the integration of immigrants into the labor market while developing new social investment models.


With Portugal’s new Residence permit for social investment, non-EU citizens will be able to obtain a temporary residence permit for investment activities without requiring a residence visa to enter the country. 


It is to be noted that the Portuguese Government has just announced new rules for potential immigrants under which it is now mandatory for them to present an employment contract at the consulate in their country of origin before coming to Portugal.

In addition to the new socially responsible Golden Visa within the scope of ARI, Portugal’s Golden Visa becomes Green since one of the new routes towards residency is via investment funds focused on sustainable alternatives.




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