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Portugal officially condemns Hamas

Portugal officially condemns Hamas - portugal news
Portugal officially condemns Hamas - Portugal Business News

Portugal Israel news - Portugal officially condemns Hamas on October 20th following a vote in Parliament.

Portugal’s parliament voted unanimously for an absolute condemnation of Hamas and of their terrorist attacks in Israel. Portugal condemns "absolutely, immediately and unequivocally the terrorist attacks of Hamas in Israel" and expresses the country’s "deepest sorrow for the victims of these attacks, especially the children, and in solidarity with the families and friends of these victims and with the Israeli people".

Portugal’s parliament also unanimously voted for the country to call for "the release of all hostages and kidnapped people and for the end of hostilities", so that "access to water, food or energy is not cut off", and that humanitarian corridors may be created so that full aid and support may be provided to the Palestinian people and innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Portugal reaffirms "the right of the State of Israel to defend itself against acts of terrorism within the framework of international law" and calls for "all hostages and kidnapped persons" to be released.


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