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Portugal stands with the people of Israel and with the families of victims

Portugal stands with the people of Israel and with the families of victims - portugal news
Portugal stands with the people of Israel and with the families of victims - Portugal Business News

Portugal Israel news - Portugal stands with the people of Israel and with the families of victims. The Government and people of Portugal are grieving for the loss of lives of citizens from Israel, Portugal and all the other countries, as well as for the atrocities committed against civilians including children.

"We have all seen images on television and these attacks go beyond anything we thought possible. Lisbon unconditionally supports Israel, and we have to fight terrorism, because Hamas is terrorist, something we have to say loudly so that there is no doubt ", stated the mayor of Lisbon.

The facade of the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal will be illuminated this Wednesday 11th with the colors of the flag of Israel "as a manifestation of solidarity with the Israeli people" between 19:30 and midnight.

Portugal grieves the deaths of two Portuguese citizens during the Hamas attacks. On Wednesday October 11th, a second Portuguese-Israeli woman, 22-year-old Dorin Atias, who was missing in Israel was confirmed to be dead by her mother.

The other Portuguese woman who was found dead on October 10th was 25-year-old Rotem Neumann, who had been reported missing after the Hamas attack on Israel on Saturday. The young woman, who was studying in Tel Aviv and who was reported missing after the Hamas attack on Israel on Saturday, was found dead on Tuesday. She fled the festival grounds in a car with friends but was stopped by the Hamas military on the road and her body was found on Tuesday 10th. She still managed to call her family before she was murdered by the Hamas rebel group.

Portugal’s Minister of Foreign Affairs has confirmed on October 11th that four more Portuguese-Israelis are missing and he lamented the deaths of Portuguese-Israeli citizens.

There is also a Portuguese-Israeli family among the around 150 Hamas hostages. Oron Bira and his wife Yasmin, of Israeli and Portuguese nationality, were at home in Be'eri, where 108 people were killed on Saturday morning. They were with their two daughters and an uncle, and they were all kidnapped, presumably to Gaza.

152 Portuguese citizens and 14 citizens of other EU countries arrived in Lisbon aboard the plane chartered by the Portuguese Government on October 11th, after their withdrawal from Tel Aviv on two C-130 flights. The repatriation mission ends on the morning of the 11th with the arrival of four more Portuguese citizens aboard a military flight.

Portugal’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, João Gomes Cravinho, talked to Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs on October 10th to express Portugal’s solidarity with Israel and to offer condolences for the dead of the Hamas terrorist attacks. They also discussed the prospects for the future and the need to safeguard civilian lives to the fullest.

Portugal’s Minister of Foreign Affairs has stated clearly on October 7th that Israel has the right to defend itself. He added that the Hamas terrorist attacks will only make the situation worse, and that Israel has Portugal’s full solidarity and condolences for the victims.

While Portugal and all EU member states announced the "unequivocal condemnation of terrorist attacks", terrorism is on the rise in Europe. In Porto, terrorists vandalized the Kadoorie synagogue in Porto, the largest synagogue on the Iberian Peninsula. The 27 EU member states have unanimously stated the "recognition that Israel has the right to defend itself and to eliminate the source of the threat, naturally within respect for international humanitarian law," as well as the need to find "the way back to the diplomatic path".

The city of Lisbon in Portugal held a vigil on October 10th with the mayor Carlos Moedas, Israeli ambassador to Portugal Dor Shapira and Israeli rabbi in Lisbon Ruben Suiza. The ambassador gave thanks for the support of Portugal and the US, recalling the ready condemnation of the President of Portugal and of the Government. In a brief intervention at the vigil, which took place at the top of Lisbon’s Eduardo XVII Park, the mayor of Lisbon, Carlos Moedas, stated that it was "difficult to have words to define so much suffering" and guaranteed that Lisbon residents "will always be with the Israelis".


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