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Portugal’s President advice to Hamas draws abuse by protesters

Portugal’s President abused by Hamas protesters - portugal news
Portugal’s President's advice to Hamas draws abuse by protesters - Portugal Business News

Portugal Israel news - Portugal’s President's advice to Hamas draws abuse by protesters who react in a way that is qualified as “abusive” towards the country's beloved President who is 74 years old.

Portugal’s President was pushed and criticized by Hamas protesters following the news of his declaration to the Head of the Palestinian diplomatic mission on November 3rd. Portugal’s President was surrounded by protesters who were angry at his rational response to Palestinian representative Nabil Abuznaid to whom he replied: "This time someone from your side started it. They should not have." Portugal’s President added : "But, you know, I think it will depend a lot on you. You have to be an example of moderation".

Portugal's President's advice to Hamas

Portugal’s President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, stated to the Palestinian representative that the Hamas attack of October 7th on Israeli territory does not contribute to the struggle for a sovereign state of Palestine: "They must be moderate, otherwise they lose their reason." He also explained to Palestine’s representative that “the fact that there are no two states yet does not mean that you can attack innocent people the way you did, some of you."

Portugal’s President underlined that he does not confuse "the terrorist attack with the desire for peace of the Palestinian people as a whole".

Portugal’s President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, advised the Palestinian representative to rather choose to act with "calm and prudence", to be "cautious, intelligent and peaceful", arguing that, "otherwise, it becomes bad for everyone" and that "radicalism creates a climate of radicalism. And this time radicalism began on the part of some Palestinians."

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa reaffirmed that Portugal stands by the position of the United Nations that only moderation will allow peace and the construction of two states, Israel and Palestine.

Portugal’s President stated the age-old adage that "it is moderation that will allow paths to what we want, that there is peace, that there is respect for people and that there is the possibility of building two states, an Israeli state and a Palestinian state."

Portugal condemns the barbaric massacre by Hamas terrorists against the citizens of Israel and does not believe that terrorism can be justified.

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