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Portuguese brand Parfois expands to Saudi Arabia

Portuguese brand Parfois expands to Saudi Arabia - portugal news
Portuguese brand Parfois expands to Saudi Arabia - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - Portuguese fashion accessories brand Parfois expands to Saudi Arabia.


Portuguese fashion accessories brand Parfois, that is headquartered in Porto, has more than 1,000 stores in over 12 countries and is furthering its internationalization in the Middle East.  


Parfois has just opened its latest store at Taif Park Mall, that is 29th location in Saudi Arabia. The new store spans 130 m² and represents a celebration of elegance and minimalism, with a fresh and contemporary design that invites customers to immerse themselves in the world of the Parfois brand.


The new Parfois store in Saudi Arabia features premium materials such as white stone, natural oak wood, and micro cement, to create an atmosphere of lightness and warmth. Additionally, the store boasts a large storefront that allows a view of the entire interior.


Looking ahead, Portuguese women’s fashion accessories brand plans to open an additional seven stores across Saudi Arabia by the end of 2024, further expanding their presence and commitment in the Middle East.



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