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Portuguese football stars in Christmas video

Portuguese football stars in Christmas video - portugal news
Portuguese football stars in Christmas video - Portugal Business News

Portugal football news - Portuguese football stars appear in the Christmas video of Liga Portugal, the Portuguese professional football league, highlighting the Liga Portugal winter ball.


Portuguese football stars Manuel Fernandes, Nuno Gomes, Quaresma, Costinha, Helton, and Fernando Meira appear in the video “This Christmas the magic is in the ball."


The Liga Portugal video highlights the great football games that will create magic this Christmas season with the new official winter ball of Liga Portugal. Liga Portugal presents this season's winter ball, which will be used for Liga Betclic and Liga Sabseg from the 12th round onwards. The Liga Portugal winter ball is the result of a partnership with PUMA and has yellow as its base color for more visibility in winter. Fans may purchase the new official winter ball on the Liga Portugal website and know that part of the proceeds will be destined to the Football Foundation.


Portugal’s professional football league, Liga Portugal, is bringing their brand closer to the entertainment industry and to football fans. The Christmas branding campaign is signed by the agencies Fuel and Garage within the scope of the “Football is You” campaign that encourages fans and families to return to stadiums.


Former football stars of Portugal’s football league invite all football fans to be part of this unique celebration, where the passion for football joins the Christmas spirit.

Here is the Liga Portugal Christmas video in English:




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