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Portuguese footwear at the Palace of Versailles

Portuguese footwear at the Palace of Versailles - portugal news
Portuguese footwear at the Palace of Versailles - Portugal Business News

Portugal investment news - Portuguese footwear leaves a cool footprint at the Palace of Versailles.


Portuguese company Cool Gray will fit the management and employees of the Palace of Versailles with their Uniform-Shoes.


Since the Palace of Versailles in France is the epitome of beauty and style, the professionals who represent the former residence of King Louis XIV have chosen a brand that prioritizes comfort and style, with the consistency of a professional product.


Portuguese footwear company Cool Gray is a partner of excellence for its international clients that include Air France, French railway company SNCF and Austrian Airlines. The company exports 98% of its production to more than 40 countries, out of which 40% is sold on the French market, and its revenues reach around 3.5 million euros.  


Portuguese footwear company Cool Gray, that has been exporting to the French market for nearly 20 years, was chosen by the Palace of Versailles to produce formal and elegant shoes that provide as much comfort as possible along with safety.

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