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Portuguese scaleup Enline wins Swiss Challenge

Portuguese scaleup Enline wins Swiss Challenge - portugal news
Portuguese scaleup Enline wins Swiss Challenge - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - Portuguese scaleup Enline Energy Solutions is one of the winners of the 2024 Startup Challenge by ABB that is headquartered in Zurich.


The Portuguese scaleup from Unicorn Factory Lisboa just won the Swiss award by ABB under the Startup Distribution Solutions Challenge. The award marks the beginning of a partnership between Portuguese tech company Enline Energy Solutions and ABB that will focus on developing cutting-edge technology to improve distribution grid monitoring systems.


The Swiss tech challenge had 164 applicants from more than 36 countries, with four winners selected from 12 finalists; namely Enline from Portugal, Edgecom Energy from Toronto, KUGU Home GmbH from Germany, and Xaba Inc. from Canada.


The winners of the 2024 ABB Startup Challenge use AI to support the energy transition and the four winners each win a $30,000 collaboration project with ABB to bring new solutions to market, as well as mentoring from Microsoft and Synerleap.


Portuguese scaleup Enline Energy Solutions showcased how AI can enable the energy transition and demonstrated innovative solutions to help tackle the issues currently facing the energy sector. The winning project has the potential to become a market-ready Minimum Viable Product (MVP) within six months and to secure lucrative commercial contracts that will increase the efficiency and reliability of energy systems while integrating renewable sources with AI.


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