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Portuguese shipyard wins EUR 100 M contract

Portuguese shipyard wins EUR 100 M contract - portugal news
Portuguese shipyard wins EUR 100 M contract - Portugal Business News

Made in Portugal news - Portuguese company West Sea - Viana Shipyard, a subsidiary of Martifer Group that is traded on Euronext Lisbon, has just obtained a 100 million euros contract for building a luxury cruise ship for Japanese Group Ryobi Holdings.


The luxury cruise ship is scheduled for delivery in 2027 and will be entirely built in Viana do Castelo in northern Portugal. The cruise ship will have an overall length of approximately 110-120 meters, a beam of 19 meters and a draught of around five meters.


The new Ryobi luxury cruise ship, that will operate mainly in Japan and south-west Asia, has a capacity of 100 to 150 passengers. The ship’s design will provide passengers with the feel that they are in a mega-yacht, where they can enjoy private comfort and a personal touch.


"The choice of West Sea for the construction of Ryobi's first luxury cruise ship is a great satisfaction and makes us very proud due to the international recognition of the Viana do Castelo shipyard’s excellence and ability to realize a project of this scale, supported by the experience and know-how that the company has developed over the last few years. This award is part of the ongoing Strategic Plan, enabling the sustainable development of the business and the strengthening of Martifer Group's export profile in markets with differentiated added value.", has stated Martifer Group's management.








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