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Portuguese tech company Glintt partners with Systems iO

Portuguese tech company Glintt partners with Systems iO - portugal news
Portuguese tech company Glintt partners with Systems iO - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - Portuguese tech company Glintt Global has just announced a partnership with UK tech company Systems iO via Glintt Next.


Leading Portuguese tech company Glintt Global, that is headquartered in Lisbon and is trading on Euronext, is the Iberian leader in Health-tech. Glintt Global closed 2023 with revenues of 120.2 million euros, a figure that represented an increase of 6.7% and which was driven mainly by business growth in the areas of Pharmacy, in Portugal and Spain; Hospital Software, in Spain and multisectoral Technological Consulting.


Glintt introduced a new brand architecture that divides the company's approach to the market into its two main strategic pillars: Glintt Life, the sub-brand for the healthcare market, and Glintt Next, a sub-brand for technology consulting services for industries such as telecommunications, financial services, energy or public administration.


Systems iO, that was founded in 2019, stands out as a specialist in OutSystems development for the UK specialty insurance market. Since their inception, they have broadened their horizons, developing software across various industry verticals and embracing other technologies such as UIPath and Microsoft Power Platform.


The new partnership between Portuguese tech company Glintt Next and Systems iO marks a significant leap forward, enhancing their Low-Code platform and driving digital transformation across the UK. The partnership with the British tech company will deliver innovative solutions, especially in the area of Low Code, while the internationalization of the Portuguese company will allow for optimizing the level of investment and risk while broadening access to international customers.





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