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Portuguese wine exports reach EUR 941 M in 2022

Portuguese wine exports reach EUR 941 M in 2022 -
Portuguese wine exports reach EUR 941 M in 2022 - Portugal Business News

Portuguese wine exports reach a record high with EUR 941 M in 2022, that is a 5.75% growth in terms of value without Porto wine.

Portuguese wine exports including Porto wine grew by 1.52% and ViniPortugal expects wine exports to reach EUR 1 billion in 2023.

The main wine export market is France and exports are reaching new highs in terms of value with a growth rate of 1.56% to reach EUR 103.3 million. The USA ranks second with an export value of EUR 99.68 million. Growth markets for Portuguese wine exports are the USA, Canada and Angola according to ViniPortugal.

Wine export figures for November highlights Angola as a major export market with a 5% growth rate excluding Porto wine. For Angola, the export value grew by 110% to reach EUR 46.3 million. Angola ranks 7th in the wine exports ranking for Portuguese labels.

When wine exports are analyzed per region, Porto wine is still the leading category with EUR 295.7 million, despite the fact that exports fell by 4.9%. Portuguese Vinho Verde ranks second with EUR 77.8 million, that is a 6.8% growth; while Alentejo wine ranks third with EUR 73.2 million, that is a 13.4% growth.

The highest growth rate per region is the Dão wine with EUR 19.7 million.

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