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Top 4 Green Companies in Portugal in 2022

Top 4 Green Companies in Portugal in 2022 -
Top 4 Green Companies in Portugal in 2022 - Portugal Business News

CDP just published the 2022 list of Top Green Companies globally and 4 Portuguese companies made it on the global ranking.

In 2022, Europe was home to nearly 50% of ‘A’ companies with 8 out of 12 'Triple A' companies globally. A ‘Triple A’ is obtained when a company obtains an A score in the Forests, Climate-Change and Water Security segments. Within Europe, 20% of all A List companies are from the United Kingdom, followed by France, Spain and Germany. Portugal figures on the global ranking with a ‘Double A’ score.

CDP assessed nearly 15,000 companies for their 2022 ranking and only a select few made it to the A-List. The 2022 index of Green Companies globally ranks 283 companies making the Climate-Change A-List, 25 companies making the Forests A-List and 103 companies making the Water-Security A-List.

Without further ado, here is the 2022 Top Green Companies in Portugal:

No. 1: EDP – Energias de Portugal S.A

EDP is global company that is present in 29 countries. The company aims at leading the energy transition through sustainability. Their mission is to become completely Green by 2030, for tomorrow is now through the transition towards renewable energy.

EDP ranks high in CDP’s 2022 A-List of companies that are leading the way on environmental action.

In the Climate segment, EDP scored an A.

In the Water Security segment, EDP scored an A.

No. 2: Jerónimo Martins SGPS SA

With more than 4,900 stores spread between Portugal, Poland and Colombia, Jerónimo Martins is a team of food experts specializing in Food Distribution and Specialized Retail. With more than 230 years of history in Food Distribution, the company’s vision is to democratize access to quality food products.

In the Climate segment, Jerónimo Martins scored an A.

In the Water Security segment, Jerónimo Martins scored an A.


According to Miguel Almeida, the CEO of NOS, the company aims at being at the forefront of technology, with the best communication networks as well as the simple and efficient integration of technologies such as 5G, AI, Cloud and the IoT with a human touch.

In the Climate segment, NOS scored an A.

No. 4: The Navigator Company

The Navigator Company is one of Portugal’s strongest brands and is a leading force in the international pulp and paper market. Its gKRAFT brand aims at reducing the use of fossil materials such as plastics in favor of renewable and

biodegradable forest-based materials to help build a sustainable future.

In the Climate segment, The Navigator Company scored an A.

2022 is a year of growing environmental concerns globally, from extreme weather to unprecedented losses in the natural environment, calling for urgent and collaborative change amongst stakeholders.

CDP is the largest environmental database world-wide, assessing nearly 15,000 companies in the fields of climate-change, forestry and water-security.

The annual ranking of companies globally aims at being a catalyst for transitioning towards a net-zero, deforestation-free and water-secure world. As companies are responsible for around 70% of global emissions, they will make or break the transition towards a Green future. Moreover, more that 680 investors with over U$ 130 trillion in assets are using the information that is disclosed by 18,700 companies that are worth over half of the global market-capitalization in 2022. CDP reported that major buyers with U$ 6.4 trillion in procurement spend have requested their suppliers to disclose information through their platform.

According to the 2022 ranking, European companies are making a significant impact towards the Green transition, with Portuguese companies highlighted in the select A-list of global Green companies.


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