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Visa partners with the Portugal Women’s Football League

Visa partners with the Portugal Women’s Football League - portugal news
Visa partners with the Portugal Women’s Football League - Portugal Business News

Portugal brands news - Visa just announced a partnership with the Portugal Women’s Football BPI League (Liga BPI).  


Visa will sponsor the Women’s BPI League of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) as well as the Women's Football Festival, that is an event involving more than 800 football players from under-15 and under-13 levels, from all over Portugal.


Portuguese female professional football player Kika Nazareth, who is a midfielder for SL Benfica, is the Team Visa ambassador. Kika helped Portugal to qualify for the first FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023 and she scored one of Portugal’s 2 goals in the tournament. At 20 years old, she already has 28 caps and 7 goals for Portugal, and she is considered to be the future of Portuguese football.


As an ambassador for Team Visa, Portuguese professional female football player Kika Nazareth inspires women in sport. She highlighted the importance of the collaboration between the Portuguese Football Federation and Visa for the development of Portuguese women's football:


“Both this support and the growing interest of the media are helping to make women's sport more visible and increasing the number of fans, sponsors and supporters, which brings more and more opportunities to other athletes."


Visa, that has contributed to the development of professional football at international level, and that is a sponsor of the UEFA Women's Champions League since 2018 as well as a partner of FIFA in the Women's World Cup since 2007, is committed to strengthen Portuguese women's football.



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