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First Hybrid Energy Park on Iberian Peninsula

First Hybrid Energy Park on Iberian Peninsula -
First Hybrid Energy Park on Iberian Peninsula - Portugal Business News

EDP Renewables has started operating its first international hybrid solar and wind energy park on the Iberian Peninsula. This new hybrid park will increase Portugal’s share of renewable energy on the electrical grid.

The Mina de Orgueirel Solar Plant in Portugal is located next to the Mosteiro Wind Park and allows for the implementation of a hybrid electricity production complex. The new solar plant has a capacity of 8.4 MW with over 17,000 bifacial solar panels, while the wind park has 8 turbines and a capacity of 11 MW. The hybrid project can reach a capacity of 39.5 GWh yearly, that is enough to produce renewable energy for 30,000 people while reducing CO2 emissions by 18,000 tons yearly.

According to Duarte Bello, EDPR executive director for Europe and Latin America, this hybrid renewable energy park strengthens their commitment towards energy transition as EDPR intends to increase investments in hybrid energy parks in Portugal as well as in other regions. The hybrid use of wind, solar and water technologies is a major growth factor in the energy sector as it provides for increased efficiency and cost stability with the use of existing electrical infrastructure, while reducing the environmental impact.

EDPR has over 1600 MW hybrid projects in Spain and Portugal that are now in the development phase and that are expected to be operational within a few years. The company has similar projects in all regions world-wide, with hybrid parks being developed in North and South America and in other European countries including Poland, Italy and Greece.

The Group has pioneered the development of hybrid renewable energy projects and has also started operating Europe’s largest floating solar park located in a hydro-power plant in Alqueva, Portugal. The energy generated by almost 12,000 photovoltaic panels in Alqueva will supply electricity to more than 30% of the population in southern Portugal.


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