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Hamas and Cyberwarfare Psyops

Hamas and Cyberwarfare Psyops - portugal news
Hamas and Cyberwarfare Psyops - Portugal Business News

Israel, Hamas and Cyberwarfare Psyops - The Hamas war is based on Cyberwarfare Psyops (psychological operations) using social networks for a disinformation campaign to defeat the enemy by influencing public opinion, while using a psychological warfare strategy based on the hope of the release of hostages. This is the Hamas psychological warfare strategy that uses the 36 ancient Chinese Stratagems in 4 steps:

The Hamas war is a well-developed psychological operation to influence public opinion through a Cyberwarfare disinformation campaign, while spreading terror and confusion through the hope of the release of hostages. The definition of terrorism is “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims”, according to the Oxford dictionary. Modern warfare includes the use of psyops that are defined as “military operations usually aimed at influencing the enemy's state of mind through noncombative means”.

This is the Hamas psychological warfare strategy that uses the 36 ancient Chinese Stratagems in 4 steps:

Step 1

Masking one's real end-goal from those in authority who lack vision, that is done by creating an expectation that will focus the enemy's resources in a pre-determined place by using an open feint. This is done when the enemy is too strong to be attacked directly, by attacking something they cherish at a time when the enemy country is beset by internal problems and less able to deal with an outside threat. Choosing where to attack by using an open feint, that is done by making a sound in the east then striking in the west. This will lure their enemy to move from its position into enemy territory where the stratagem is to sacrifice the plum tree, that is Palestine, to preserve the peach tree that is the real end-goal hidden by Hamas.

Step 2

The hostages are simultaneously used to confuse the enemy through a tactic that will deter their will to fight by letting their enemy believe that the hostages still have a chance for freedom. The second stage, where hostages are used, is accomplished by tossing a brick, that is by releasing just 2 hostages, in order to lure a jade gem, that is to obtain something valuable in return.

Step 3

The next stage of terrorism warfare is to remove the firewood from under the pot, that is to steal their enemy’s leading argument, the right to defend itself, by causing a global public outcry in favor of the terrorists. This is accomplished by luring their enemy, that is Israel, into their territory and sacrificing their own people, that are in this case Palestinians, for a greater goal. When this is accomplished, the terrorists use the tactic of masquerading themselves through a disinformation campaign making their enemy, that is Israel in this case, appear as terrorists.

A Cyberwarfare psyops then uses a propaganda network through social media using the public outcry to masquerade the terrorists as victims and their enemy as terrorists. The campaign uses disinformation and false footage including deepfake AI videos or repurposed footage stating that it is new footage showing their enemy committing atrocities. The battlefield then becomes the opinion of the general population globally that does not have the capacity to distinguish between disinformation and real footage. A social engineering psyops influences public opinion by masquerading their enemy Israel as terrorists and instilling shock and fear that will create a public outcry. The new information that is manufactured changes public opinion and turns former enemies or people who had no opinion into allies.

The attention of the global population is thus turned away from the atrocities committed through unlawful surprise attacks against civilians that include burning babies alive. Meanwhile, hostages that include babies are used with the bait of the hope of release to create confusion and divide public opinion. At this stage, the Cyberwarfare Psyops successfully turns their victims into monsters.

Step 4

This successful Cyberwarfare Psyops that is carried out using social media will result in turning the traditional enemies of terrorists into allies that can be used to defeat their enemy Israel. This is the stratagem of attacking by using a third party. Then, once the enemy, that is Israel in this case, is defeated, the terrorists can turn once more against their new allies who have outlived their usefulness.


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