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Portugal’s manufacturing industry becomes high-tech

Portugal’s manufacturing industry becomes high-tech - portugal news
Portugal’s manufacturing industry becomes high-tech - Portugal Business News

Portugal news - Portugal’s manufacturing industry has become high-tech and innovative, according to Bosch Portugal.


German multinational Bosch, that is headquartered in Germany, is a high-tech engineering company with a strong presence in Portugal. The Bosch units in Portugal, that are part of the Home Comfort, Mobility Solutions and Building Technologies areas, produce "Technology for Life."


With global revenues of 91.6 billion euros in 2023, in Portugal Bosch has been growing in several business areas and is now taking on operations that had never left Germany before, according to Carlos Ribas.


With a turnover of 2 billion euros in 2023, Bosch Portugal will invest 100 million euros in its Aveiro plant until 2026, namely for increasing its production of heat pumps, and is also planning continuous investment in all Bosch lines in Portugal.


Portugal’s manufacturing sector has a strategic position that goes well beyond manufacturing, according to Bosch Portugal. The sector is now attracting not only major investments, but also knowledge, innovation, and services.


Braga in northern Portugal, that is the location of one of the largest plants of German multinational Bosch, is the place where the group is continuously investing in new technology in the area of ​​mobility, namely for on-board computers, sensors, cameras, radars and autonomous driving technology.


The largest market of German multinational Bosch is China, that has surpassed Germany with a 20% share of sales and is now the major driver of growth despite also being a tremendous competitor.




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