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Top 10 celebrity lifestyle tips for summer in Portugal

Top 10 celebrity lifestyle tips for summer in Portugal - Portugal news
Top 10 celebrity lifestyle tips for summer in Portugal - Portugal Business News

Portugal lifestyle news – Swapping glitz for sunshine in Portugal is the new trend for celebrities in 2023, with celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Christian Louboutin and Princess Eugenie choosing Portugal for its natural beauty and pristine environment. Irish TV host and owner of beauty brand SoSu Cosmetics, Suzanne Jackson O'Connor, has just emigrated to Portugal and she shares her Top 10 lifestyle tips for summer in Portugal as well the reason for her choice destination.

“Moving to Portugal feels like a breath of fresh air!” says Dancing with the Stars finalist, who adds: “as the summer days unfold, it’s easy to lose sight of the daily rhythm of our training and healthy behavioral patterns amidst the haze of a sun-soaked Algarve. But remember, it’s perfectly okay to fall off the bandwagon occasionally.” Suzanne Jackson is enjoying Portugal’s beaches while keeping fit doing a spin class at the local gym.

Suzanne Jackson gives the following lifestyle tip: It is easy to get sidelined in the hustle and bustle of life, but there are a million other inspiring things to do such as moving to “Portugal and getting back into the swing of things” and she adds: “I’m excited to carve out some essential me time” such as reading a good book.

Celebrity Suzanne Jackson’s Top 10 lifestyle tips for summer in Portugal are:

1 – Sit in sunlight

2 – Keep hydrated

3 – Move, walk, run, stretch, rattle your lungs

4 – Love yourself and others

5 – Kiss your family, hold your best friend’s hand

6 – Place yourself in an environment that will stimulate your growth

7 – If you are badly broken, put your pieces back together in a different way. Some pieces will no longer fit but change can be good!

8 – Listen to music that will lift your soul, dance in front of others

9 – Surround yourself with people who make you laugh

10 – Speak your feelings, don’t store them

For celebrity Suzanne Jackson, “It is going to be a nice summer in Portugal” and she warns her fans: “Mute me now if you don't want to see the sunshine and lifestyle down here!”

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