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What is Portugal’s new WEB GIS geospatial map?

What is Portugal’s new WEB GIS geospatial map? - Portugal news
What is Portugal’s new WEB GIS geospatial map? - Portugal Business News

Portugal tech news - What is Portugal’s new WEB GIS geospatial map?

Portugal has just launched its high-tech WEB GIS geospatial map under ANACOM, the national regulatory authority for the communications sector.

Portugal’s new high-tech geospatial platform aggregates information from all existing fixed, mobile and satellite operators. In July 2023, Portugal’s GEO.ANACOM WEB GIS geospatial map has obtained a Special Achievement GIS award. The SAG award, that recognizes the most innovative projects globally, recognizes Portugal’s advances in WEB GIS development technologies as well as the country's disruptive approach to modeling and processing data.

Web Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are web-based systems that facilitate the storage, visualization, and analysis of spatial information.

Portugal’s GEO.ANACOM Public Portal allows users to access a set of georeferenced information about the communications and postal services sectors. The mapping functionality allows users to know which operators have network services in a specific geolocation.

In addition to mapping, Portugal’s new geospatial platform provides a number of functionalities that include Spectrum Planning and Management, Spectrum Monitoring and Inspection, Postal Services, Statistics, and Infrastructure. These functionalities are available through sublayers of georeferenced information, obtained through all operators, that is dynamically updated to constitute a living atlas in constant evolution.

Portugal’s new WEB GIS geospatial map has additional SIIS (Suitable Infrastructure Information System) functionalities that will now be available to accredited entities.

American technological research firm Gartner predicts that 2023 will see advancements in the field of Geo AI with automated geospatial feature extraction. According to Gartner research, new developments in GIS technology will also include the use of cloud platforms, since over 40% of companies, throughout Europe and the US, that are already implementing them will require high-tech geospatial platforms to be successful.


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